Youth Start is fully committed to ensuring its website is accessible and inclusive for all its users.

Web accessibility focuses on ensuring all users, regardless of their physical and mental capability, are able to access the content and services on a particular website.

Our aim has been to make the Youth Start website accessible to all who may be interested in finding out more about our organisation. Its design and build has taken into account the following guidelines:

These guidelines include:

  • Allowing users to control text sizes.
  • Using an easy to read font type.
  • Ensuring suitable foreground and background colour contrast.
  • Using clear and simple grammar.
  • Providing meaningful text equivalents for pictures.
  • Providing simple and consistent site navigation.
  • Ensuring the target of each link is clearly defined.
  • Providing a full sitemap
  • Providing navigational short cuts for users of text only browsers and page readers.
  • Using appropriate structural mark-up to maximise browser support.
  • Ensuring all content and functionality is available to users without content style sheet (CSS), image and script support.

Youth Start welcomes your feedback and suggestions for improvement to our website. Please send your comments to: –

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