In Love?

When you are in love you will know about it! Your heart beats faster, your stomach goes queasy and you can become tongue-tied and not know what to say when you are with that person. That person is on your mind all the time and feeling an ‘attraction’ is part of the buzz of a relationship.

Being in love is when you can accept a person for who they are – warts and all. In fact, when you love someone you’re aware of their faults or the ways in which they are different to you but it doesn’t bother you because of how you feel about them.

Being in a relationship isn’t easy, both partners have to work at it but you’ll know it’s worth the effort because the more effort you put in, the more you get out of it. You will need to respect each other and talk to each other.

Your partner should understand and support you with any problems or issues you have and you should both respect each others thoughts and opinions.

When you talk to each other you need to be honest and open – even if it is about something that could upset or embarrass you. Once these things are out in the open you will feel a lot better and your partner might be feeling the same way, but be too nervous to say anything.

Nobody likes being dumped but you shouldn’t be afraid of getting into a relationship in case this happens to you. If things don’t work out – sometimes this isn’t anyone’s “fault”, it just means that the relationship wasn’t meant to be.

If you are thinking about taking the relationship further you need to make sure that you both feel 100% ready and if you don’t, don’t do it. Talk to your partner and make sure that it is something that you both want. Don’t forget that legally, you must be over 16 and give your full consent to have sex.

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