Some friendships can last for a lifetime, others can last just a couple of months or years. Some of these friendships can be deep friendships where the other person knows everything there is about you, such as your best friend and others can be casual friendships, such as friends of friends, work colleagues or school friends.

A good friend is someone that will be there for you whatever. They will listen to you and give you good advice – even if sometimes you don’t want to hear it! In return you will be able to do the same for them.

Not everyone agrees all of the time and people do fall out. Sometimes you’ll make up and sometimes you won’t. If you both disagree on something – try to agree to disagree and move on. You have to accept that you both have your own opinions on certain things. Is the argument important enough to lose your friend over?

Being part of a group of friends can be great. You can share the same interests and go out in groups. However it can also bring its complications. You might feel pressure to do as they do, and this may make you feel uncomfortable. You might not be ready to have sex, you might hate smoking or not want to drink alcohol or take drugs. You will need to try and form your own opinions – it will be worth it, you will feel stronger and you’ll be more respected for doing it.

As your life changes, such as when you move to secondary school, go to university or start your first job, you might be worried about leaving behind your friends. Maybe you are concerned about how you will get on with everyone or that you will be the ‘New’ person. Don’t worry – you will make new ones and you will still be able to keep in touch with your close friends.

Are you upset that your friend is moving away? Perhaps they are going to university and you feel like you are being left behind and don’t know what you’ll do? In today’s society, keeping in touch is so much easier than it used to be – text, letter, phone or email are available to almost everybody now.

If you friend has moved away it is only natural that you will miss them, but your life will be changing too and you will also be meeting new people. You will still be able to visit them over weekends and holidays and if the friendship is strong, you’ll always remain in contact even if it isn’t every day. You might feel lonely when they first leave but it will get better with time.

Some of your friendships will come and go and in some of your relationships there will be a very strong bond between you. As you go through life you will meet lots of different people, some will become good friends and some you will build relationships with. You will stay very close to some and others will fade away as you move through life.

Who can help?

You can speak in total confidence with a Samaritan volunteer about anything which is troubling you. They will not judge you and will not try and tell you what to do, but they will try to help you think things through. You can call the Samaritans on 0845 7 90 90 90 or visit their website at

Childline is a free, 24 hour helpline for children and young people in the UK. You can call the helpline at any time day or night on 0800 11 11. Childline counselors are there to help you find a way to sort things out. Visit their website at

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