Breaking up…

When you break-up with your girlfriend or boyfriend it can feel like your heart is literally breaking. The feelings of sadness, emptiness and loneliness you will have are perfectly normal.

It can also feel like no one else understands or has been through the pain, but most people at some point in life has felt the pain bought on by a break-up with a loved one.

Time heals

It can be annoying when people keep saying to you ‘time heals’, but it really does. At first you might feel as if you can’t go on and normal everyday routines feel like a chore but it’s important to keep pushing yourself to get on with your life.

Once you start to do more things, like taking up a new hobby or joining a gym for instance you will start to focus more on you and not on your break-up. Even going out with friends and trying to be social again will help to heal the hurt.

With any break-up the pain can be unbearable and sometimes you need a good cry. Crying is a great way of releasing all those built-up emotions. Cry by yourself, with your best friend or close family member. They can be there for you, offer advice and just give you a well deserved hug which can make all the difference.

Talking to someone you trust can really help and it’s a great way to get all those feelings out in the open.

Spend quality time with friends and family. When you’re in a relationship you sometimes neglect others close to you. Now is the time to get together and hang out.

Put on your favourite tunes, dance around, go shopping or play sports and soon the pain will fade and you’ll be too busy to even think about the break-up.

Treat yourself to something nice. Whether it’s a new haircut, clothes, a pampering session or a holiday away with family and friends, doing something for you will make you feel better and put a smile back on your face.

Most importantly, be strong!

Look after yourself by keeping your body and mind active. Even though you might not feel like going to school or college, getting out of bed or even facing any of your friends, you should try and push yourself.

Life moves on and by making these steps, no matter how big or small, you will help yourself to get over the break-up quicker.

Who can help?

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