Anyone can be trapped in an abusive relationship, whether they’re male or female. Help is available if you have a violent partner or if you’re worried about a friend who you suspect may be in an abusive relationship.
Does your heart beat faster, your stomach feel queasy? Do you become tongue-tied? If so, it could well be love!
You might have met someone you really fancy, but how do you go about getting that all important date?
Having a crush can mean you spend all your time thinking about one person, which can be really overwhelming. Spending time with your friends to help take your mind off your crush can make you feel much happier.
Family problems affect the whole family. There are organisations that offer support and advice to families with specific problems.
Some friendships last a lifetime, whilst others last just a couple of months. This is normal and nothing to worry about.
Being forced to marry someone against your will is wrong and doesn’t have to happen. There is help if this is happening to you or someone you know.
Most people enjoy being single but can feel pressurised into getting a girlfriend or boyfriend.
There’s no sure cure for a broken heart but knowing some ways to help you cope is always an advantage.
Peer pressure is being encouraged to do something simply because friends or other people your age are doing it, regardless of whether you really want to do it or if it is in your best interests to do so.

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