Self Confidence

Every time we open a magazine or newspaper, go to the cinema or switch on the TV, we are bombarded with images of “beautiful” women and “good looking” men – you just can’t escape it!

Seeing these glamorous photos all the time, it’s easy to start thinking that there is such a thing as a perfect look or body but there isn’t.

Some people can start to think that if you don’t look like them you aren’t attractive or can’t be happy or successful. Don’t worry, this isn’t the case and remember most of the photographs are airbrushed and aren’t real!

Look around you

Have a good look around you when you’re out and about – everybody is different. We all come in different shapes and sizes and no two people look the same.

Try this – when you’re out, look closely at other people. Which do you find attractive? Not just those you fancy, those that you think look good!

Are all the people that stand out to you slim, good looking, have a clear complexion, amazing hair and perfect teeth? Probably not!

The people you pick out may look easy to talk to, are friendly or a laugh.

Stop and ask yourself what made you choose the people you did – may be one of the reasons you like them is that they are confident about themselves or they have great personalities.

Remember, if you feel good about yourself, others will too.

Simple steps

Your health, what you eat and how much sleep and exercise you get, all affect your appearance.

There are lots of things you can do to make yourself seem more confident and if you try them for long enough you might just end up convincing yourself!

Confidence Tips

  • What do you like about yourself, physically and personality-wise? You might be a good friend or have sexy eyes; you might be able to make people laugh or have great hair. Are you trustworthy or generous? Concentrate on these positives.
  • When you meet new people make sure that you smile and maintain eye contact. Smiling makes you appear friendly and confident, even if you are not feeling that way inside!
  • Stand tall! One of the best ways to appear confident is to improve your posture by not slouching. You should stand so your head feels like it is holding up the rest of your body – it’s also good for your spine and your health in later life.
  • Take a deep breath before you speak and try to think in advance about what you are going to say.
  • Most importantly, relax and believe in yourself.

By trying these things, eating healthily and improving your body image you will be able to look good and be healthier.

Who can help?

Have a look at the BBC Radio One webpage on body image which gives you lots of information, facts and advice. Visit the site at

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