Finding out about healthy living

A healthy lifestyle is important for your work, study, play, body, relationships and happiness.

Living a healthy life is a combination of lots of different things including:

  • regular exercise
  • staying safe
  • coping with stress
  • eating sensibly
  • talking through your problems with people you trust

It’s not about being perfect; it’s all about getting a happy balance so you are healthy and enjoying life.

If you’d like to find out more about healthy lifestyles in general, or if you have a specific query, the Government has produced two interactive websites that give lots of information about how to live a healthier life.

As well as facts about healthy eating and getting fit there are sections about drugs, relationships and preventing accidents. See what interests you…


LifeBytes is a website that gives young people aged 11-14 the facts about health in a fun and interesting way.

LifeBytes won’t tell you what to do but will give you the information to help you make your own choices about health. It can also help with your schoolwork and projects.

Mind, Body & Soul

The Mind, Body & Soul interactive website is aimed at giving young people aged 14-16, the low-down on health.

Mind, Body & Soul is not designed to tell you how to live your life, but will give you accurate and up-to-date information about health so that you can decide what’s best for you.

It also contains material that will help with schoolwork.

Who can help?

You can check out the many pages on this website for more information about specific health issues. See the links above.

Teen Life Check is a quick and easy online quiz for 12-15 year-olds that lets you check out your health and lifestyle. Your answers and results are confidential and you’ll get some useful advice on issues such as bullying, stress, home life, crime, healthy eating, exercise, safe sex, drugs, alcohol and more. Visit

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