Racist Bullying

Picking on someone because of their skin colour, ethnicity or religion is racist bullying and, like all bullying, is wrong. Whether it’s name calling or physical attacks, racist bullying can be very damaging.

What makes racist bullying different from other types of bullying is that, instead of attacking the victim as an individual, they are attacked as the representative of a family, community or group, so other members of the same group, family or community are made to feel threatened and intimidated as well.

You don’t have to have a different skin colour from the bullies to experience racist bullying. You might experience racist bullying simply because you are from a different country or have a different religion, accent, culture or way of dressing from the bullies.

As well as distracting you from your education if you’re being picked on, racist bullying in schools might make you think that racism is a normal and acceptable part of life. It isn’t, and no one should have to put up with being picked on or discriminated against because of their skin colour, ethnicity or religion.

Most schools, colleges and workplaces have anti-bullying policies which specifically cover racist bullying and the Race Relations Act 1976 states that schools and governing bodies have a duty to ensure that students do not face any form of racial discrimination, including attacks and harassment.

If you are being picked on because of your skin colour, ethnicity or religion, speak to someone at your school, college or workplace that you trust; don’t feel like you have to suffer in silence.

Who can help?

For more information on racist bullying and how to deal with it, visit http://www.britkid.org/, Bullying UK and Need2know.

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