Finding out about money

Bank accounts, insurance, student funding, credit cards, direct debit, savings, debts… when it comes to money the list goes on and on.

This site can explain the basics to you, but there are also lots of places on the web where you can get information for funding, financial products, services and advice if you are worried about debt.

Youthinformation.comThis website has sections that look at all the issues around money matters, whether you’re applying for benefits or a credit card, or need help dealing with debt. – The FSA (Financial Services Authority) is the UK’s financial watchdog and was set up by the government to regulate financial services and protect your rights. This means that they aren’t being paid by financial institutes (such as banks) to give you advice that favours them. In fact, the FSA regulates most types of financial services firms, such as banks, building societies, credit unions, insurance companies, financial advisers, stockbrokers, mortgage and insurance sellers so that you know you will be getting clear and impartial financial advice.

The website has very clear sections about all aspects of money; from earning it to spending it, savings and student finances. It even breaks down all the information into how money will affect you at different ages.

Financial help for students

Did you know there is financial and other help available for your future education and training?

The Financial help for students website tells you about the different kinds of financial and other help that may be available to you. Funding can help you with your living and learning costs while in further education and training.

There are two types of help: ‘general help’ that is widely available and ‘extra help’ that advises students on particular needs and costs.

There may be help available if you are:

  • 16, 17 or 18, or continuing with a course started before you reached 19.
  • At school and thinking of going into the sixth form, or maybe you are there already.
  • Planning to go to college or you are there already.
  • Continuing with an existing course you started before your 19th birthday and have childcare requirements.
  • Having particular difficulties that mean you may need extra financial help whilst studying.


Who can help?

Take a look at the following websites, all of which are full of useful information on how to manage your money:

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