Support for young people with children

If you have children you will need to consider facilities for childcare whilst you are studying or working. Most higher education institutions offer some form of childcare provision and some companies have links with local nurseries or crèches that offer childcare at a reduced rate. Contact the student services or human resources department to see if this is available.

There are childcare grants available for full-time students with children in registered or approved childcare. How much help you get depends on your income. Lone parents’ grants are also available, this is an allowance for full-time students with dependent children who choose not to receive the childcare grant. Contact your Local Authority for more details.

Here are some more organisations that can help you too, with funding, information or support.


ChildcareLink is a helpline 0800 2346 346 and website run as part of the National Childcare Strategy, which aims to help people back into the workplace by removing the problems of trying to find or fund childcare. The website helps you find useful information about the different types of childcare and early education in your local area and helps you to make the right choice for your family.

Daycare Trust

The Daycare Trust is a national childcare charity that works to promote high quality affordable childcare for all. It realises the importance in making the right childcare decision for your child and the website details information for parents, carers, childcare providers, employers, trade unions, local authorities and policy makers.

Care to Learn

Taking a course or training will help you to make a better future for you and your child. Care to Learn aims to give financial support to teenage parents who want to continue in, or are returning to, learning or training by helping them with the cost of their childcare

Who can help?

ChildcareLink provides details of local childcare providers in England and Scotland as well as general information about childcare. Visit their site at

Care to Learn is a scheme within the Learning and Skills Council that specialises in helping teenage parents with the cost of childcare, so they can continue in, or returning to, learning or training. Visit their site at Alternatively, they have a helpline on 08000 96 02 96.

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