Travelling with a disability

Travelling independently using public transport gives you a lot of freedom, but it takes a bit of planning. If you have a disability, it requires a bit of extra thought. For example, if you have a sensory impairment make sure you can get all the information you need, maybe by checking the services you use have both audio and visual announcements.

You can find out if your local services are suitable for your individual needs by visiting the Directgov website from the link on this page. It tells you how to get in contact with any service providers you may be using.

Things to consider are:

  • Whether the vehicle is accessible to you.
  • Whether you will receive all the information from announcements if you have a sensory impairment and whether the station/service provides alternative forms of announcements, e.g. audio and visual announcements.
  • How you will get from home to the station/stop and from the station/stop to your final destination?
  • Do you need to organise for particular facilities to be available in advance of making your journey?


Who can help?

For information specifically about the accessibility of services visit the Directgov site at

You can also visit the Disabled Living Foundation at for free, impartial advice about all types of disability equipment and mobility products for disabled people.

To find your nearest bus or train station you can search by postcode on the upmystreet website at

For information on public transport of all kinds, including fares and timetables, visit the UK Public Transport Information site at

You also visit and for train times and prices and to buy tickets online. In addition to this you can call the National Rail Enquiries line on 08450 48 49 50.

Living Made Easy is run by the Disabled Living Foundation (DLF), a national charity that offers advice, information and training on independent living for people with disabilities, as well as carers.

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