Young Carers

There are more than six million people who act as carers for relatives, partners and friends in the UK. This figure includes 175,000 young people aged 18 and under.

As a young carer, it’s not unusual to sometimes feel overwhelmed, isolated or lonely.

There is help out there though, the government has recently introduced the New Deal for Carers, which is aimed at taking some of the pressure off carers and young carers.

What you can do

  • You don’t need to feel guilty for wanting time to yourself. Try and have some ‘you-time’ so that you can do what you want to do.
  • Join a Young Carers Project in your area. These have been set-up to give you the support you need with someone always on hand to listen to you. It’s a great way to meet other carers and they also organise fun evening clubs, weekends away, days out and holidays.
  • If you are finding it hard to cope, talk to someone. Your tutor, a close family member or friend can offer you friendly and helpful advice.
  • If you ever feel the pressure is getting too much, you can contact helplines such as Childline Free on 0800 1111 or The Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90.

What is the New Deal for Carers?

The New Deal for Carers is aimed at supporting people that care for elderly or disabled relatives. The government will be providing local authorities with funding so that they can offer help and support to carers who need a break from the pressures and demands of caring.

A national helpline for carers will also be set-up as part of the scheme so that you can have one-to-one support when you need it.

What other help is there?

As part of the New Deal for Carers, the government is interested in finding out what else young carers need in terms of help and support.

If you are a young carer and would like to have your say on how the government could best help young carers, you can visit the Princess Royal Trust for Carers at and post your suggestions or comments on the bulletin board.

The Young Carers Project

The Young Carers Project is a great way for you to meet with other carers and enjoy fun evening clubs, weekends away, days out and holidays. Most importantly, there is someone who listens to you when you need it so that you don’t feel alone.

It also provides information and advice for the whole family. If a person you look after can find more help or benefits, it could mean more free time for you!

The Young Carers Project is a great way for you and your family to receive the support you need when you need it. To find out if there is a Young Carers Project in your area visit:

Young Carers Strategy

The Young Carers Strategy was launched in Tower Hamlets and aims to offer you support if you are under the age of 18 and care for a friend or relative.

If the strategy is not available in your area, don’t worry, there’s plenty more help at hand for young carers in the UK.

The Young Carers Project runs in areas across the country and you can find out what help is available where you are by visiting the young carer website at

Who can help?

For more information and support for Young Carers visit

To find out how to get involved with a Young Carers Project in your area visit

For information on the support available to you in your area visit

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