Youth Parliament South East

The UK Youth Parliament

If you want to influence MPs and the national government, you can get involved in the UK Youth Parliament (UKYP).

The UKYP aims to give young people between 11 and 18 years old a chance to be listened to by MPs, government ministers and other politicians.

Every local authority in England has at least one young person who is elected to the UKYP. Every July, all UKYP members get together to discuss the issues that are important to them and other young people.

If you don’t want to stand for election, you can still get involved with the UKYP’s work.

You can:

  • vote in UKYP elections
  • support UKYP campaigns
  • discuss and debate issues on the UKYP website
  • go to a UKYP event

Check out the Youth Parliament for the South East of England using this link: –

or watch this video for more information: –

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