28 million people are targeted by scams every year in Britain. Not just the most vulnerable, like the elderly or the needy.

As Scammers get increasingly sophisticated in their approaches everyone is seen as a possible victim.

They can be hard to spot. They generally sound pleasant, well spoken and kind, and they act like they want to be your friend. But, they are also skilled in the arts of persuasion and can be extremely persistent.

Typically, they will let you know that you’ve won a prize or stand to make a lot of money if you do what they say. Scammers will do this either over the phone, by email, sending something in the post or even in person by approaching you on the street.

What you can do

  • OFT website also provides more information and there is a quiz that illustrates some of the common stings and how to avoid them. Visit
  • If you suspect that what you are being offered is a scam, call Consumer Direct for clear, practical consumer advice on 0845 404 0506. You can also take a look at their website

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