Crime and the law

You have the right to be treated fairly and with respect by the police. Know your rights if you are stopped or taken to the police station.
Find out how the legal system will affect you as an offender, a victim or as a witness.
See what representation you are entitled to if you break the law or are a victim of crime.
Get explanations of the different court and police orders you could receive if you break the law.
Find out more about what a custodial sentence is and where it is served.
As a child or young person in custody you still have the right to a good education.
Find out about what restrictions this law actually places on anti-social behaviour and what powers the authorities can use.
This in an increasing problem in the UK. Find out how to keep safe and how the law works in this area.
Protect yourself from scams – become a scambuster!
Illegal downloading and pirate DVD production has increased massively

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