Consumer Rights

You have the same consumer rights as an adult. Your rights are slightly different for new, sale and damaged goods. Be aware that when you buy goods over the internet, you are only protected by UK consumer laws if you buy from UK based companies.

Your rights when you buy new goods

Just because you’re young doesn’t mean that you don’t have any rights – children, young people and adults all have the same consumer rights. When you buy something in a shop or market, you and the seller are making a legal contract.

According to the law, the goods must be of a satisfactory quality and be safe, they must be fit for the purpose for which you are buying them and they must be as they are described by the seller, or on the label or sign. Also, the item must not be damaged unless pointed out by the seller at the time you bought the item.

Your rights when you buy second hand or sale goods

These rights are the same if you buy something in a sale, but sale goods can be sold with a defect. If this has been pointed out, you cannot ask for a refund. If you buy second hand goods you have the same rights as when buying new goods, unless the fault is obvious or is pointed out to you at the time.

Be aware that you are not entitled to anything back if you examined the goods when you bought them and should have seen the fault, were told about the fault, changed your mind or did the damage yourself. However, some major companies will usually help you out in goodwill circumstances.

Your rights when you buy goods over the internet

If you’re buying over the internet you are covered by the same consumer laws as shops in your town, so providing you buy from websites of UK-based companies, then you are covered by the UK consumer laws.

For more information on consumer rights contact the Office of Fair Trading via their helpline on 0845 722 44 99 or their website at

Who can help?

You could ask parents or carers or another adult for advice on whether your consumer rights have been broken.

To check what your rights are you can contact the Office of Fair Trading. Their website can be found at

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