School trips

Why are school trips useful?

School trips are a great opportunity to learn outside the classroom in new, interesting and practical ways.

Seeing something in real life on a school trip that you have learnt about in the classroom can help it make much more sense. Some of the trips you could take to experience learning in action might include:

  • A trip to a farm to see some of the things you have been learning about in biology lessons
  • Trips to old buildings and ruins as part of your history lessons
  • Visiting science museums to see science in action
  • Theatre trips to see plays you are studying in English lessons.

Learning things in the classroom and then seeing them in real life is often a much better way of remembering and understanding than simply learning from a book alone.

What else can I do on a school trip?

Of course, school trips aren’t always purely educational. Some school trips might involve sporting activities, such as skiing or snowboarding. These types of trips often mean travelling to foreign countries and usually have to be paid for.

If you are a member of a school sports team, such as football, hockey or netball, then you might get the chance to go away on special trips to compete with other school teams too.

Foreign exchange trips give you the chance to brush up on your language skills in a foreign school.

This involves staying with a young person’s family in another country for a certain period of time so you get the chance to speak the language every day. They will usually be the same age as you and will come and stay with you and your family too.

Just for fun!

Some school trips might not seem to have any particular reason behind them at all, apart from being fun. School trips to places like Disneyland can be great fun and you will probably be learning new things without even realising it!

Perhaps you’ll find out how roller-coasters work or maybe you’ll get the chance to practice some foreign languages if you visit a theme park abroad.

School trips are a natural way to learn more about the real world and offer opportunities to improve your communication skills and other life skills that are not always taught in a classroom.

Staying safe

One of the great things about school trips is that they help you learn about ‘managing risk’. All this really means is that you have to be a bit more careful when you’re out and about as it’s not always as easy for the teachers to keep an eye on you as it is when you’re in the classroom.

To make sure you stay safe on school trips, it’s a good idea to always follow the teachers’ instructions and respect the members of the public around you.

Who can help?

Get some ideas for school trips on the School Trips Plus website and the UK School Trips site.

You can also find information on a range of educational trips for different age groups on the NST website.

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