If you are aged 16 – 18 years, you live in England and are not participating in any form of post-16 learning, you can be admitted to e-routes if that is an appropriate option which will enable you to progress to an apprenticeship, further learning or a job. Young people under the Extended Guarantee can also participate in e-routes. You will be expected to undertake learning in three interdependent core areas: basic and key skills, vocational development, and personal and social development.

Although e-routes is not time-bound, it is based on the needs of each individual. You may need relatively short periods of time to prepare for entry to an apprenticeship, employment, or further vocational learning opportunities. If you have more complex personal and social needs you may require much longer periods before you are ready to enter and sustain suitable training and employment.

Attendance will vary from 16 hours up to 40 hours a week but this will depend on your learning capacity, aspirations, needs and progression choices.

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