Exam results

The day that all of your hard work has been leading up to has finally arrived and you’ve got your exam results.

Didn’t get the exam results you wanted?

If you haven’t done so well and you are disappointed – don’t worry. Things might not seem so good at the moment, but you’ve still got lots of options available to you.

Try to remember that there are lots of other young people in a similar situation to you – you are not alone.

Take two

You might want to think about re-taking some of the subjects you didn’t do too well in to see if you can improve on your grades.

Have a chat with your school or college to see if you can do this.

You might even think about making a fresh start and going to a new college to do this, where you will be with people who are in a similar situation.

University clearing

If you have just got your A level results and the grades are lower than you expected, then stay calm, as there is still lots you can do.

Firstly, contact your chosen college or university as they may still be able to offer you a place.

Alternatively, you can enter the ‘clearing’ system which gives you the opportunity to gain a college place before the academic year starts.

Keep on keeping on

If exams are not your strong point, you will certainly shine at something else.

Some people are more practical – you may have more creative talents just waiting to be discovered. So don’t give up!

Remember, life goes on and you will have plenty of opportunities to prove yourself in the future.

If you decide that formal education and exams aren’t for you – think about looking at apprenticeships. Or what about getting a full-time job with learning?

You may not have gained the results you wanted but there are still so many options available to you now, so make the most of them.

Who can help?

There are lots of people around to help you – so don’t let your worries build up.

Find someone to talk to and discuss your options. This could be your parents or carers, teachers or friends. They are there to support you, so have a chat to them about what you might do.

The UCAS website gives lots of advice and information for people thinking of entering higher education, information on how to apply to university and course information.

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