Help with study

Nobody likes homework but it does reinforce what you have learnt in lessons and helps you get good grades.
Revision really helps you to learn and improve on your skills. Don’t leave it to the last minute but plan your revision time well in advance.
All that hard work has led to the day that you get your exam results. If you haven’t done so well, don’t worry; you still have lots of options.
Being disabled shouldn’t stop you going to university or college and you’ll be improving your independence and meeting new people.
Whatever your exam results, there’s always someone you can talk to about your future decisions
First Light can help you realise your potential through creative digital film and media projects.
Be a soldier while you study and receive funding.
Dyslexia can affect your reading, writing and spelling. There are loads of things you can do to help you improve and lots of people who can help.
Find out what options and facilities are available to you after 16 if you have a statement of special educational needs (SEN).

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